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White Bear - Premium Colombian Soft Pod - 30 Count

White Bear - Premium Colombian Soft Pod - 30 Count

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All of the White Bear beans are hand-picked from the best growing regions and are tested to ensure premium quality before they are expertly blended and roasted to their unique recipes. "Experience the Liquid Wisdom."

Colombian - Dark roast, yet not burnt, this blend has sharp coffee flavor without the bite. Our most popular blend is an eye-opening first cup.

Packaging contains one pod for one cup of coffee – although your brewing machine should allow for back-to-back cups! Eco-friendly pods contain 11g of coffee for rich single-cup brewing - most brands contain 9g or less.

All White Bear coffees are made from premium Arabica Beans, which are handpicked from the best growing regions, then expertly blended and roasted to their unique recipes.

They have a philosophy that exceptional coffee can also be positive for the planet. Therefore, we make every single-cup coffee pod from a biodegradable material that does not sit in landfills resisting decomposition. Instead, it fully breaks down, serving our customers as an environmental single-cup coffee choice that offers variety and convenience while still being environmentally-friendly.

With new single cup coffee options flooding today’s coffee market, the coffee industry has managed to confuse many consumers on what the difference between a “K-Cup” and “Pod”.

A single cup coffee pod is ground coffee inside its own round/fully biodegradable filter. When the pod is placed in the small circular brewing chamber of a pod brewer, hot water is passed through the pod and into your mug. No plastic to discard into landfills.

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