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Sweet N Low Packets

Sweet N Low Packets

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Sweet N Low packets are a low-calorie sugar alternative great for any home, office breakroom or coffee station.

Keep this packet box of sugar-free sweetener packets on hand for anyone who is unable or prefers not to consume sugar in their drinks. Every single packet of these sweeteners contains less than 4 calories for a low-calorie alternative, and the convenient dispenser box ensures ease of use and storage. These Sweet N Low sweeteners dissolve completely in both cold and hot beverages.

  • Artificial sweeteners can be used in place of sugar
  • 0.04 oz. packets
  • Ingredients: dextrose, saccharin, cream of tartar, and calcium silicate
  • Product is kosher
  • Contains either 100, 400, or 2000 sweeteners per box
  • It contains no calories and may be used in tea, coffee, smoothies, protein shakes, or any recipe
Sweet 'N Low packets are a calorie-free alternative to sugar. They work well in drinks and liquid meals commonly found around the office. The box folds out into a handy dispenser for added convenience.

Granular Design
The granular design allows Sweet 'N Low to dissolve fully in warm or cold liquids. This helps your employees, coworkers, or customers enjoy a sweet beverage with no leftover sweetener.

Perfect for Coffee
Sweet 'N Low is a great choice as a sugar substitute for sweetening coffee in your office. 
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