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SToK Cold Brew Coffee - Mocha - 12pk

SToK Cold Brew Coffee - Mocha - 12pk

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Freshly brewed motivation has been brewing, and it’s yours for the taking. Ignite your day with SToK Cold Brew Mocha Coffee. Not too sweet or overdone, our gourmet coffee has just the right amount of chocolaty goodness to complement--but never overtake--our smooth, bold, one-of-a-kind SToKness. Enjoy your morning energy knowing it’s mindfully made. With 145 milligrams of caffeine per serving, SToK Cold Brew Mocha Coffee is a brilliant way to help keep you driven towards your goals.Here at SToK, coffee is about more than just getting you up. It’s about motivating you to move in the right direction, with your imagination as your guide. SToK cold brew coffee is deliciously smooth, brewed low and slow for at least ten hours to deliver our bold, one-of-a-kind SToKness. The result: inspiration in a bottle (figuratively, of course) that helps you jumpstart your day in the most majestic way. Wake up your dreams and master your craft with our crafted beverages. SToK: look at you go.

SToK Cold Brew Coffee, Mocha, 13.7 Oz.:

  • Cold brew gourmet coffee
  • Mocha flavor
  • Brewed low and slow for at least 10 hours
  • Arabica-based blend
  • 145mg caffeine per serving
  • Bottled for on-the-go enjoyment
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