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Member's Mark Parchment Paper - 2pk. ; 205sq ft

Member's Mark Parchment Paper - 2pk. ; 205sq ft

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Member's Mark Parchment Paper is an indispensable kitchen tool your family kitchen needs. Its convenient and versatile use allows you to take more time enjoying your meal rather than cleaning.

Oven safe up to to 420°F, Member's Mark Parchment Paper seals in nutrients and enhances your food's natural flavor, while virtually eliminating the need for synthetic cooking sprays and high-fat oils. Not only is it great for baking, cooking, prepping, lining and steaming, this non-stick genuine vegetable parchment paper offers up a quick and easy clean-up. This household staple is perfect for lining cookie sheets, rolling out dough, covering countertops during messy tasks, and makes roasting vegetables a breeze. Cookies and treats will slide right off!

This grease- and moisture-resistant parchment paper is 100% biodegradable, as well as FSC and kosher certified. This pack incudes two rolls of parchment paper each measuring 205 square feet for a total of 410 square feet of parchment paper, enough to last you for several cooking and baking occasions. A new role of parchment is white on opening but it’s normal to see browning when in use. The extent of the browning will be dependent on the oven temperature, the time in the oven and the oven itself. Enjoy mess-free baking with Member's Mark Parchment Paper.

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