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Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash Variety Pack ; 4pk

Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash Variety Pack ; 4pk

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Dial Complete® Foaming Hand Wash, Variety Pack (7.5 fl. oz., 4 pk.). Its antibacterial and 2-in-1 formulas gently washes away bacteria along with dirt. This set of Dial Complete® foaming hand soap comes with two pleasant scents of Manuka Honey and Pearl Essence. It's ideal for use in homes and offices.

What's the Difference Between Washing Your Hands with Antibacterial Hand Soap and Plain Soap?
Washing your hands is an important way to prevent illnesses from foods like salmonella, as well as viruses such as the common cold and influenza. Antibacterial hand soaps kill more of the bacteria that can spread by transmission through a simple touch in comparison to plain soap and water.

How Does Dial Foaming Hand Soap Work?
A form of liquid soap is infused with air in order to create a foamy lather when it comes out of the dispenser. The container has two chambers, one that holds the soap and the other pushes the air into the dispensing unit when the pump is depressed.

The 2-in-1 Benefits of Dial Complete Foaming Hand Wash
The 2-in-1 antibacterial and moisturizing formula contains twice the hydrating ingredients and kills 99.99-percent of the bacteria you may come across in household settings. This Dial Complete(R) foaming hand wash is tough on bacteria. The rich, creamy lather helps maintain the skin's moisture by providing lightweight hydration for a smooth feel. Its luxurious foam can even be used on the face and body.
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